Session/Live Drummer - Composer & Producer - Drum Teacher

Was born in 1995, started playing Drums at the age of ten, influenced by his father.

At the age of ten starts taking drum lessons with Giovanni Panaia, that introduce him into the Drums' World.
At the age of 15 he begins to study with Meki Marturano (Max Gazzè, Rai Radio 2) for almost two years developing many aspects of the studies of Drums.
While finishing high school, Paco, studied for some years by self-taught, and now he's attending the Jazz course at the Conservatory F. Cilea of Reggio Calabria, under the guides of Davide Ragazzoni (Branduardi, Patty Pravo)
In all these years he attended several clinics, workshops and masterclasses given by great drummers as Mike Mangini, Virgil Donati, Dennis Chambers, Aaron Spears, Chris Coleman, Jojo Mayer, Horacio Hernandez, Federico Paulovich, Dave Weckl, Gavin Harrison.

In 2007 begins playing with his very first band "Other Sound" some Rock tracks, with them Paco does his first Lives and get the second place to a local band contest organized by Studio 54 Network, where Paco start being noticed.

In 2009 his father open up a YouTube Channel to show his skills, he played Dream Theater at the age of 13.

In 2010, at the age of 15, he plays with a Progressive Rock Trio, with Tommaso Pugliese and Domenico Napoli, making a great concert at the Auditorium of his hometown.

In 2010, his father Ranieri made the awesome

In 2011 his video on YouTube are viral and get feedbacks by Mike Mangini, Charlie Dominici, Cobus Potgieter, Luke Holland and many more.

In 2012 he got noticed online by Daniele Liverani and goes to Ravenna recording Drums for his solo album "Eleven Mysteries". In 2012 he also record Drums for other artists.

In 2013 he plays with "Red Vynil", a Rock band, doing some local concert in Calabria.

In 2014 he got the second place to the worldwide Drum Contest "Big Drum Bonanza" by Thomas Lang among 250 entries.

In 2014 he also plays with "Southern Gentleman League" a Southern Rock Band. With them Paco does a lot of concerts in Calabria and Sicily, growing up the "Live" world. He also records their album "My World In The Other Hand"

In 2015 he plays in a Funk band "Quantum Funk" doing many concerts in South Italy Area.

In 2016 and 2017 he releases the biggest

In 2016, Paco, is an official endorser of the Clothing Brand "AYR" based in Rome.

In 2017, Paco, plays with the band "Riverbia". A Pop/Rock band, playing only original tracks. They do a lot of concerts and arrive at the semi-finals of the famous contest Arezzo Wave and at the finals of the biggest band contest "Sanremo Rock", playing in Sanremo in front of a great jury.

In January 2018 he attends NAMM 2018 located in Los Angeles, California, "the world’s largest trade-only event for the music products industry".
There he meets many new and old friends, assists to many great concerts like "YAMAHA Artists", Nathan East Big Band and visits historical locals like "House of Blues" in Anaheim.

In February 2018, Paco becomes one of the Drummers of the biggest rock band ever "Rockin 1000"

In February 2018, Paco is proudly endorsed by VIC FIRTH Drumsticks and REMO Drumheads, distributed by "Aramini Strumenti Musicali"



La Gazzetta Del Sud

La Gazzetta Del Sud

Il Quotidiano

La Gazzetta Del Sud

Drumset Mag

La Gazzetta Del Sud


In 2009 Paco's father just opened a YouTube Channel to show his skills, he played Dream Theater's songs at the age of 13, that was the beginning of his journey.

Latest Video on YouTube

After 8 years and 50+ videos on his Channel, Paco has almost 2.000.000 Views and 7000 Subscribers all over the world. He makes cover from Pop to Rock, from Progressive to Metal, from Dance to Electro.
His most famous videos is a cover of Blinded In Chains by Avenged Sevenfold, in 2009 this video went viral and his channel started growing.

In 2011 with his cover of "The Dance Of Eternity" by Dream Theater he attracted the attention of Mike Mangini that commented his video on Facebook. Also famous Drummers as Cobus Potgieter and Luke Holland commented on his video. A great feedback came also on Facebook by Charlie Dominici, the first Dream Theater's Vocalist.

In 2011 he starts a collaboration with the brazilian Guitarist & Producer Thiago Campos, known worldwide for his Split Screen Covers on YouTube (VRA!)
Paco becomes the first Italian Drummer to work with him, and their first collaboration gain a huge success.
It's a full cover of "On The Backs of Angels" by Dream Theater, made five days after the song came out.
Paco and VRA! get more than 800.000 Views, a comment from Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater's keyboardist), their video in the favorites of Dream Theater Channel's, a TV service on Rede TV by Leitura Dinamica, a famous brazilian channel, a sharing from RoadRunner Records and MusicRadar.

After the huge success of the first collaboration, Paco and Thiago make three more videos together, getting almost 2 Million Views all over the world, that's why right now Brasil is the second place where Paco's videos are most viewed, among Italy and USA.


In 2013 Paco record his entry for the Big Drum Bonanza, a worldwide contest hosted by Thomas Lang.
Since he was 17 years old he couldn't be eligible, and Thomas Lang wrote personally this message to him:
"GREAT job Paco! I am very impressed! I am very sorry that we can't consider you for the grand prize, I think you would have a very good chance! beautiful work my friend! Looking forward to meeting you in Italy- or at the Bonanza 2014! Ciao! T"

In 2014 Paco is finally 18 years old and send his entry.
He get the SECOND PLACE among 250 entries from Drummers all over the world.

In the last years Paco worked on other projects, Drum Covers and the biggest


What is Pop Medley?
It's a mashup of all the pop hits of the year, played and performed by many South Italian Artists.
Paco is the dreamer of Pop Medley, his role of Art Director and Drummer leads up this big project to higher places every year.
The project was born in 2016 with the very first Pop Medley. Almost 50 artists took part to this one, and the video had a worldwide success with more than 250.000 Views on YouTube and Facebook.

POP MEDLEY 2016 | World Hits Mashup ft. 50 GUESTS ARTISTS

After the big success of the previous one, Paco decided to make a version of 2017.
This time the family grow up to almost 100 South Italian Artists, making this project always bigger, giving the chance to all these musician to create connection and getting exposure in the pop music scene.

POP MEDLEY 2017 | World Hits Mashup ft. 100 GUESTS ARTISTS

If you want to know how Pop Medley works in details (Writing Score, Contacting Musicians, Organize the Project, make a Business Plan), if you want to partecipate to next projects or if you want to ask me something about this...


Daniele Liverani - Eleven Mysteries

In 2012 Paco get noticed by the Musician & Producer Daniele Liverani (Twinspirits) and goes to Ravenna at "Fear Studios" to record Drums for Daniele's solo album "Eleven Mysteries"

Alberto Rigoni - Three Wise Monkeys

In 2012 Paco records Drums in two songs of Alberto Rigoni's album "Three Wise Monkeys" among other Drummers like Gavin Harrison.

Southern Gentleman League - My World In The Other Hand

In 2014 Paco records Drums for the Southern Gentleman League in the album "My World In The Other Hand" at Metro Records Studios (Gioia Tauro RC)

Want to collaborate on a future project?


The home of Paco's projects, Onda Groove Studios, since 2010.

Made in its entirety by his father Ranieri, it's the studio that host all his projects, from YouTube Videos to the Pop Medley, from Drum Lessons to his Drum Recordings.
Almost 100 artists recorded at "Onda Groove Studios".

All Drum Covers are played, recorded, engineered, mixed and mastered by Paco.

He also make collaboration with some artists where he entirely produce his tracks, playing other instruments.

He also records Drum Parts for artists all over the world and make Drum Lessons (Skype or In Person)
Onda Groove Studios are opened to everyone who wants to record an album, a single or a cover, video shooting are also available with a team of professionists.


DRUMS Mapex Pro-M Kick 22 Snare 14 Tom 10 Tom 12 Floor 14 Floor 16
SNARE Pearl Sensitone 14x6.5 | Sonor Snare 13x7
STICKS Vic Firth 55A Extreme
PEDAL Pearl Eliminator Double-Pedal
HEADS Snare Remo Powerstroke 77 -
Toms & Floors Remo Pinstripe - Kick Remo Powerstroke 3 Bass
RACK Dixon


x2 Presonus Firestudio 8 in
SNARE SM57 (UP) + Samson QSnare (DOWN) - TOMS & FLOORS AKG P4
KICK AKG P2 (OUT) + Samson QKick (IN) - OVERHEADS AKG P17 + Samson C01 + C02
Macbook Pro 13 Retina Late 2015 with Logic Pro X (REC)
HEADPHONES Extreme Isolation EX-29 or IN-EAR Shure SE215
iMac 21.5 Retina4k Late 2015 with Logic Pro X (MIX)
MONITOR Samson Resolve SE6


x1 Ibanez Electric Guitar
x2 Acoustic Guitars
x1 Guitar Amplifier Peavey Bandit 112
x1 MIDI Keyboard Roland Cakewalk A500S
x1 Cajon
Percussions (Shaker, Tambourine, Eggs)
x2 Wharfedale Pro Titan 12
x1 Alto TS Sub 15

Want my Drums in your record?
Want to record your album, single or cover?


Paco is proudly endorsed by

VIC FIRTH Drumsticks

My perfect pair: Vic Firth Extreme 55A (VFX55A)

REMO Drumheads

Remo Powerstroke 77 on Snare
Remo Powerstroke 3 Bass on Bass Drum
Remo Pinstripe on Toms


Clothing brand based in Rome, Italy.



Latin Pop Band

Paco Barillà - Drums
Sharla - Vocals
Giuseppe Rocca - Guitars
Filippo Ambroggio - Percussions
Andrea Pulvirenti - Bass
Rocco Spanò - Trumpet



Etno Percussions Tarantafrican




Jazz Sextet - Miles Davis Tribute

Paco Barillà - Drums
Andrea Paternostro - Sax Alto
Matteo Scarcella - Sax Tenor
Giuseppe Zangaro - Piano
Daniele Laro - Double Bass



Italian Acoustic Duo

Paco Barillà - Drums & Percussions
Antonio Larosa - Guitar & Vocals



April 25, 2019
I'm official part of "I Tamburi di Luca Scorziello".

October 16, 2018
I'm in a MARTIN GARRIX video! Something like this is just AWESOME.

June 16, 2018
I just opened for Baby K, one of the most famous Italian Pop Artists, in front of 3000 people with FIRE DRUMSTICKS!!! Video coming next week!🔥

June 8, 2018
I officially introduce to you my new Latin Pop Band, "Night In Caracas" 🔥

June 1, 2018
BOOM! Brand New Drum Cover of "This is America" by Childish Gambino! I decided to do this cover just today, I played, recorded, filmed ,mixed and edited it in 4 hours, CRAZY! Drums On! 🔥🥁

May 9, 2018
Just released a new Drum Cover to celebrate my endorsement with Vic Firth & Remo. It's the first LEDWALL Drum Cover of four videos, Drums On! 🔥🥁

May 8, 2018
Today I recorded in this awesome location🔥🥁 Get ready because there'll be a great announcement very soon! 🇧🇷️


April 27, 2019 PAST EVENT
"The Duo" Acoustic Italian Set

@ Fragole Amare (Nicotera, RC)

April 26, 2019 PAST EVENT
"The Duo" Acoustic Italian Set

@ Garden Irish Pub (Cittanova, RC)

April 25, 2019 PAST EVENT
"Night in Caracas" Latin Pop Band

@ Sunset Beach Club (Tonnara di Palmi, RC)

April 21, 2019 PAST EVENT
"The Duo" Acoustic Italian Set

@ Chez Nous Pub (Polistena, RC)

April 20, 2019 PAST EVENT
"The Duo" Acoustic Italian Set

@ Cavallica Ranch (Cittanova, RC)

April 19, 2019 PAST EVENT
"The Duo" Acoustic Italian Set

@ Caffetteria Manule (Taurianova, RC)

April 13, 2019 PAST EVENT
"Kids Of Blue" Jazz Quintet with Alessandro Presti

@ Hotel Miramare (Reggio Calabria, RC)

March 9, 2019 PAST EVENT
"anonyMUSE" Muse Cover Band

@ Vinyl Pub (Lamezia, CZ)

March 7, 2019 PAST EVENT
"anonyMUSE" Muse Cover Band

@ The Bounty Pub (Crotone, KR)

February 23, 2019 PAST EVENT
"anonyMUSE" Muse Cover Band

@ Morrison Pub (Sellia Marina, CZ)

January 25, 2019 PAST EVENT
"anonyMUSE" Muse Cover Band

@ Garden Irish Pub (Cittanova, RC)

January 6, 2019 PAST EVENT
Acoustic Italian Set w/ Antonio Larosa

@ Almo's Pub (Taurianova, RC)

January 5, 2019 PAST EVENT
"anonyMUSE" Muse Cover Band

@ Darling Cafè (San Giovanni in Fiore, CS)

January 4, 2019 PAST EVENT
Acoustic Italian Set w/ Antonio Larosa

@ Caffetteria Manule (Taurianova, RC)

January 2, 2019 PAST EVENT
Acoustic Latin Set w/ Sharla & Antonio Larosa

@ La Torroneria Murdolo (Taurianova, RC)

December 31, 2018 PAST EVENT
New Year's Eve Party on Drums/Percussion

@ Bienvenido en America Latina (Cittanova, RC)

December 29, 2018 PAST EVENT
"Night in Caracas" Latin Pop Band

@ Locri on Ice (Locri, RC)

December 28, 2018 PAST EVENT
Acoustic Italian Set w/ Antonio Larosa

@ Almo's Pub (Taurianova, RC)

December 27, 2018 PAST EVENT
"Night in Caracas" Latin Pop Band

@ Piazza Camillo Costanzo (Bovalino Marina, RC)

December 22, 2018 PAST EVENT
"anonyMUSE" Muse Cover Band

@ St. Francis Pub (Maida, CZ)

December 21, 2018 PAST EVENT
Acoustic Italian Set w/ Antonio Larosa

@ La Torroneria Murdolo (Taurianova, RC)

December 20, 2018 PAST EVENT
"anonyMUSE" Muse Cover Band

@ Cavallica Ranch (Cittanova, RC)

October 13, 2018 PAST EVENT
Paco Barillà "The Story of My Life" Drum Solo Performance

@ LSS Theater (Polistena, RC)

August 3, 2018 PAST EVENT
Live Drums w/ DJ Tay1 (Clementino)

@ Pinepark Party (Polistena, RC)

July 16, 2018 PAST EVENT
"Night in Caracas" Latin Pop Band

@ Botteghe Spagnole (Bovalino, RC)

July 6, 2018 PAST EVENT
"Night in Caracas" Latin Pop Band

@ Cavallica Ranch (Cittanova, RC)

June 16, 2018 PAST EVENT
Paco Barillà Drums Performance Opening for Baby K

@ St. George Prom (San Giorgio Morgeto, RC)


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